Table of Contents

1. CD (Natalie Koch & Jaimie Lee) - A variety of songs that accompany events and relationships in the novel.

2. NYC Brochure (Natalie) - A look into some events and attractions of New York City in the 1920s.

3. Prohibition Game (Jaimie) - Game that combines the prohibition time period and events from the novel.

4. Fashion Magazine (Natalie & Jaimie) - Fashion of the 1920s incorporating fashion from the novel.

5. Timeline (Dan Wang) - A time line of significant events during the 1920s.

6. Comic (Dan Wang) - Scene from the novel portrayed through a comic.

7. Cast List (Andy Kim) - Cast list of people, tied to Fitzgerald, that fit as the roles of major characters of The Great Gatsby.

8. The Colorful Gatsby (Andy Kim) - Scrapblog of the different colors used in the novel and what they symbolize.