We created these comics because we wanted to reveal a motif that Fitzgerald uses throughout the course of the novel, the influence and symbolism of weather. We wanted to show a basic situation typical of the novel, and show in a humorous way how weather played a part in reflecting Gatsby’s moods, and in turn, how Gatsby affected those around him. The comics are meant to put the serious topics of corruption and identity aside for a bit just to have fun.

The most prevalent form of weather that had a visible effect on the characters was rain. It rained when Gatsby first met Daisy and could think of nothing to say, and it rained during his funeral. In the above comic, as soon as Gatsby meets Daisy, the tone becomes awkward as he knocks over the clock, and a downpour outside reflects his depressed state. The sun shone when he was happy and oftentimes it would shine after a period of rain. The second comic shows when the ice is eventually broken between Gatsby and Daisy, and they are talking very comfortably. Nick's narration in the book notes that Gatsby is "literally glowing". Another point in the book during the confrontation between Gatsby and Tom shows the weather getting viciously heated, just like the verbal fight between the two.